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Two tiny heads to mannequin- esque dolls

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Put your music player on shuffle and post the first ten songs.

I was tagged by thecruixe. Also I just used the Pandora station I’m currently on.

  • Snow (Hey Oh) by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Say It Ain’t So by Weezer
  • Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy
  • Gooey by Glass Animals
  • Demons by Imagine Dragons
  • All That I’ve Got by The Used
  • I Miss You by Blink 182
  • A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Greenday
  • Grace Kelly by Mika
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Spent some time shoving blue fairy lights up origami snitch butts so they’d be less bright when I’m sleeping. I blame skylociraptor because of that one time.

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Gavin Free? I love him. How he just [clenches fist] screams.

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What do you call a question of gender and sexuality?


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achillesvevo replied to your photoset “And the final pictures I took before the Ursa Cliff server went down…”

It may just be off you know Ryan hasn’t said anything has she

Either way, she didn’t know about it when I told her. Here’s to hoping. Again.

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  • And the final pictures I took before the Ursa Cliff server went down this morning; Headless horseman ficcyshit​. Alannaa insisting we poke the duck butts to make them fly.
  • Our mailbox system this time, in honor of October and the fact I wanted to build one, was a (duck) graveyard.
  • luffles424​ built an ice skating rink and a sky temple above a water temple.
  • achillesvevo​ made ‘picasso portals’ which I added netherrack tentacles to which was poisoning the air and land of Ursa Cliff. We called it McThulu, not to be confused with Cthulu . Allan also had been working on a very large castle.
  • Luffy looked at my wall of things to build and decided we should make the theme park so she made an entrance way to which i contributed one thing- villagers to take tickets XD. Then she built a very nice coaster that wound through the trees whilst I made an appallingly rainbow lava coaster that eventually dropped you down a rainbow tube. But I didn’t get to finish it. :/

And thus ends the saga of the Mc Fucks’ time on Ursa Cliff (probably)

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  • luffles424 and I caught a creeper and named it Gavin so I moved my orange cat over and renamed it Michael and we spawned in a brown bun named Ray. And then I made a side entrance for my basement home.
  • The insides of my mad cin-intist labs mostly consisted of harmless studies of mobs.
  • My bedroom had a map of our city of Ursa Cliff over the bed and a bathroom that had an emergency shower in case of chemical or fire burns.
  • Under that was my true laboratory wherin when I was building it, a chicken jockey, an enderman, and a bat all spawned. So of course I captured them. Honestly, I’m surprised the Enderman was content to just hang out in his cage without wanting to teleport out.
  • On the other walls I put signs up of all the things I wanted to make on this server. (Actually what I wanted to make on Bunninsula Mark 2 but alas)
  • And finally my menagerie (including a headless!horseman ficcyshit​.
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I demolished all of my survival stuff when I was opped and I went into creative (because it was too cramped).

  • The first thing I did was relocate all of my fishies into a tiny square and rebuild their aquarium BIGGER and BETTER than before. Also I made a tunnel so you could go inside and see the fishies swim around you.
  • Cream, my Elder Guardian, kept managing to glitch out of the tank into the nearby river.
  • Other notable liquid things: luffles424​ build a lava pool in the basement. 
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Other Ursa Cliff Inhabitants’ Houses:

  • Spawn with achillesvevo's house in the background (sadly it's the only proper pic of spawn I have) and vavman's dad's spaceship.
  • Ryan’s house and Allan’s house.
  • ficcyshit​’s still incomplete house. luffles424​ house (and kind of mine- I was camping out in the basement)
  • Ryan’s village beginnings. upperclassredneck's house.
  • dethmakt​’s penis water towers? mettallicanimechick​’s very loop-y house.
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After the bitter end of Bunninsula Mark 2, I decided to play on survival on our next server (thanks to Ryan for getting it) Ursa Cliff.

  • First thing I saw was out new jeb_ sheep and the island I would make my survival home.
  • achillesvevo gave me a pet guardian that took me forever to encase.
  • Then I made a house out of hardened clay that had a basement that also looked into the fishtank.
  • There was an Elder Guardian we were keeping in a river, but I had to kill it because it kept giving me mining fatigue while I was on my home island. Then I found a baby zombie pigman and brought it home with me.
  • Turned out my strip mine was under an abandoned mineshaft and had a tiny garden in it. Also I made my first ever skeleton grinder (in survival). Yay.
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Toofy bank

Notes: It’s huge. Like the size of a baby. Also. It does have wings they’re just hard to see.

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Cin Update

Will be posting pics of the MC Fucks’ new server Ursa Cliff soon. I started new meds that are giving me headaches and I can’t take the painkillers I have with them so it might be a little while.

My brain hurts.

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No matter how many notes this gets, if you reblog it I’ll write you a poem, it could be about your blog, you, whatever, I’ll put it in your inbox and hopefully it makes your day, and sure I’ll try my best to have it in their within 24 hours, if I don’t I’m human and have a life outside of here too.

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Fall Out Boy
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Fall Out Boy - Immortals  (Big Hero 6 OST)

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