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50 mins of Cin talking that no one wants yet xe did anyways. Answering these questions. ye boi.

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cin speaks  

I found a pic of Yoooooo City :3 Good times

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Today the editing bunny is hiding

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Going to calm anxieties now with acindra lovely voice with HMC. Was going to save it for this weekend but I feel I need it now.

Glad to be of help <3

(If anyone else wants, you can listen to me read this bedtime story to Tats, too)

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Sorry for leaving it half built for so long, guys. But there. I finished it. No more complaining.

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Cin’s Things To Do (April week 3 update)
Finish Bulletboxes- iaveinabox
Thing- vavman 
Ender!Jordy- jordybordychan
Fox!Maris- teamrtist
Birthday Thing- upperclassredneck 
Birthday Thing- tuff2baunicorn
Birthday Thing- vavgirl
Birthday Thing- jetblacknova
Ender Dragon of some sort- simplycrazyhunter
As soon as I finish bulletboxing, everything is just yarn again, woo~ 
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Triple frickle frackle woot woot

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Aaand finally a night fury

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The mostly completed book of teaandotherstuff's favorite writing, for her birthday. I've been working on this for a little under a month ever since I saw this post. I know it’s not quite the same as having your writing published, but I hope she likes it anyways. All of the pages and pictures are replaceable as only the corners are taped down. All that’s really missing is the author description and the reviews because not everyone has finished writing them. The last 20 or so pages are empty as well, as I only put in the 4 stories she said were her favorite. 

Side note: Glue hates me. Origami hates me. Wire hates me. This whole project hates me.


Reblogging this again cause every time I look at it it makes me smile~

It’s fully done now, as well. I even stuck a bunch of heavy things on it to make it be less bulky. <3

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Instead of being productive, Cin recorded xyr answers to this question set.

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Cin will be an editing bunny today

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I guess it’s time for Cin to spend a day with MSI and crafting.

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I got a little bored on foxyplaydate's server and decided to construct this monstrosity. Took me a little over an hour with a bit of a reference from the internet. Some day I'll post screenies of all of my pixels.

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@teamrtist foxy uwu

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Another HQ dork for your viewing pleasures~

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